Red Bull King of The Air 2024 – South Africa

red bull king of the air competition

The Red Bull King of the Air is a prestigious kiteboarding event held annually in Table Bay, near Cape Town, South Africa. This event brings together some of the world’s best riders who compete in extreme wind and wave conditions to impress the judges and claim the title of “King of the Air.” The contest is known for its impressive jumps and gravity-defying stunts.

KOTA 2024:

In this upcoming edition, great performances are expected, where riders will give their all to impress the judges. The level of the recent King of the Air competitions has been incredible, with new tricks and high jumps.

The next date for the 2024 Red Bull event will soon be announced.

Trailer for the Red Bull King Of The Air 2024.

History of the Red Bull King of The Air:

The Red Bull King of the Air first took place in Hawaii in the early 2000s before moving to Cape Town in 2013. The event has served as a major driver of progression in the sport of kiteboarding Big-Air, with riders pushing the boundaries of amplitude, variety, execution, and difficulty of tricks to win the “king of the wind” crown.

redbull 2013 king of the air

Red Bull King of the Air 2013: Jesse Richman (2013 Champion)

Winners of the recent editions:
2013 Champion: Jesse Richman (Hawaii)
2014 Champion: Kevin Langeree (Netherlands)
2015 Champion: Aaron Hadlow (United Kingdom)
2016 Champion: Aaron Hadlow (United Kingdom)
2017 Champion: Nick Jacobsen (Denmark)
2018 Champion: Kevin Langeree (Netherlands)
2019 Champion: Kevin Langeree (Netherlands)
2020 Champion: Jesse Richman (Hawaii)
2021 Champion: Marc Jacobs (New Zealand)
2022 Champion: Lorenzo Casati (Italy)
2023 Champion: Andrea Principi (Italy)

Champion 2023
In 2023, Andrea Principi was superior and took home the grand prize. Watch the summary of the final of the Red Bull King of The Air 2023:

We expect a great spectacle from these riders who year after year surpass themselves in every trick and competition.

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