The Cuban who crossed the Florida Strait on a kiteboard will now be the protagonist of a Netflix movie.

cruzar el estrecho en kitesurf cubano

Pablo Mantilla, the fearless Cuban who challenged the waters of the Florida Strait on his kiteboard, is now ready to conquer the big screen in a Netflix movie!

It all began in May 2022, when Pablo, a 23-year-old Cuban, embarked on a unique adventure: crossing the Florida Strait from Varadero, Cuba, to Florida, USA, in a single kiteboarding session. Imagine the feat! He covered a distance of 90 miles in just six and a half hours, defying sharks, treacherous currents, and adverse weather conditions.

de cuba a florida en kitesurf

He pushed the limits:

But Pablo didn’t stop at challenges. With cunning and skill, he utilized the southeast winds and even the Sahara dust to avoid detection by maritime authorities on his journey to the promised land.

The consequences of the crossing:

Once in Florida, however, the story took an unexpected turn. Pablo was detained by immigration officials and sent to a detention center in Broward County, where he spent nearly 20 days, including a period of quarantine due to COVID-19 protocols. But his indomitable spirit never wavered.

Related note:

Now, his incredible odyssey has captured everyone’s imagination, and rumors of a Netflix movie about his life are on everyone’s lips. Although there are no official confirmations, it is said that Pablo is working on the project with a prestigious Hollywood producer linked to Netflix. Excitement is at its peak!

It won’t be his first performance:

Although Pablo is not known for his acting, his charisma and ease in front of the camera, as demonstrated in the music video for the song ‘Cuba Primero,’ suggest that he could shine on the big screen.

Pablo’s story has all the ingredients of a great movie: courage, determination, and human drama that touches the most sensitive fibers. Moreover, it could offer a unique perspective on Cuba’s political and social situation, attracting viewers’ attention from around the world.

Pablo Mantilla has managed to captivate the public with his incredible journey and his story of struggle and courage. Now, he is about to bring his story to an even larger audience through Netflix.

We will be eagerly awaiting to see how this exciting project unfolds and if Pablo becomes a star of the big screen!

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