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History of Kitesurfing

The history of
kitesurfing, as we know it today, dates back just around 20 years, but the idea is not new. As far back as the 12th century, Polynesians, Indonesians, and Chinese used kites as propulsion for their fishing boats.


In 1970, the Englishman Peter Powel invented the two-line kite and constructed a delta-shaped kite with which he navigated in small boats.

In 1977, the first patent for kitesurfing was granted. It never came to market, but it described a sport that combines surfing with a sort of “parachute” attached by a harness. The most decisive development in the creation of kitesurfing as a sport came in the 1980s, when the Legaignoux brothers, Dominique and Bruno, researched the creation of a kite capable of relaunching from the water without the assistance of others, which did not exist at the time. After 10 years of development, with the help of Neil Pryde, they succeeded in commercializing kites with four lines.

In September 1998, the first kitesurfing competition was held in Maui, marking the beginning of a new sport. This event led to an explosion of new kitesurfing enthusiasts. Shortly after, in Tarifa, which until then had been predominantly populated by windsurfers, kitesurfers began to infiltrate little by little.

“Kitesurfing isn’t just about conquering the waves; it’s about conquering your fears and feeling the freedom that only the wind and the sea can offer.”

Kitesurf in Tarifa

Tarifa, due to its geography, is situated in a privileged location for kitesurfing, boasting pristine beaches, ideal weather, and optimal winds for the sport. Located at the southernmost tip of Spain, it’s renowned as the mecca of kitesurfing in Europe and one of the premier destinations worldwide for enthusiasts of this aquatic sport. But why Tarifa? The perfect blend of consistent winds, crystal-clear waters, and a lively atmosphere renders this city a paradise for kitesurfers of all ages and skill levels.

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Wind conditions

Tarifa is blessed with two predominant winds that ensure ideal conditions for kitesurfing throughout the year: the Levante and the Poniente. The Levante, an eastward wind, is renowned for its strength and consistency, providing thrilling sailing sessions with speeds reaching up to 40 knots. On the other hand, the Poniente, originating from the west, offers gentler and calmer conditions, perfect for beginners and those seeking a relaxed sailing experience.

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