Discover the Winds of Tarifa: Poniente and Levante.


Greetings, wind riders!

Today I want to delve into one of the most exciting and fundamental topics for any kite surfer worth their salt: the winds of Tarifa.

The Mighty Levante

Let’s start with the Levante, a wind that could be described as the very essence of Tarifa. When it blows, it brings with it an overwhelming energy and a force that pushes you to challenge the limits. It’s a warm and constant wind coming from the east, carrying with it an incomparable sense of freedom. With average speeds ranging between 20 and 40 knots, the Levante is undoubtedly the best ally for those seeking thrills, offering perfect conditions for spectacular jumps and high-speed navigation.

Please note: In Tarifa, the Levante is an offshore wind. You should have a rescue boat to navigate safely, as you could end up far out at sea in case of any mishap.

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The Serenity of the Poniente

But not everything in Tarifa is Levante. We also have the Poniente, a gentler and friendlier wind coming from the west. When the Poniente blows, everything transforms into a scene of tranquility and peace. The waters become calm, ideal for those looking to enjoy a relaxed navigation or practice freestyle comfortably. With average speeds ranging from 10 to 20 knots, the Poniente is the perfect moment to glide over the waves and feel the magic of connection with the sea.

wind poniente tarifa

The Perfect Moment to Ride the Waves

Now, when is the best time to enjoy these winds in Tarifa? Well, that depends on your preferences and skills as a rider. The Levante is usually more intense during spring and summer, while the Poniente visits us more frequently in autumn and winter. However, in Tarifa, there is always wind for all tastes and levels, so no matter when you decide to come, you will always find an adventure waiting for you.


So now you know, fellow kite surfers, in Tarifa, we have the privilege of having two winds that are the very essence of our passion. Whether you’re challenging the imposing Levante with its speeds of up to 40 knots or gliding over the calm waters with the gentle Poniente at 20 knots, each day in this corner of paradise is a new opportunity to live our passion for kite surfing to the fullest.

If you want to know how to read Tarifa’s weather on Windguru, click here.

See you in the water, riders!

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