How to choose your kite for your kitesurfing session.

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Have you ever wondered how to choose the right kite for each kitesurfing session? Or have you felt lost amidst the wide range of options available? Worry no more! In this guide, we will unravel the mysteries behind the perfect kite selection, blending the art of kitesurfing with the science of wind.

Checking the weather forecast: The initial key

Before venturing into the water, it’s crucial to check the wind forecasts. Websites like Windguru and Windy provide detailed forecasts that can serve as your virtual compass. While it’s true that the forecast may not always be spot on, it gives us a solid idea of what to expect in terms of wind strength and direction.

Windguru Tarifa:

Decoding the wind signals

Weather information not only indicates wind strength but also its trend. Will it strengthen or weaken? What’s the peak time for optimal conditions? These are crucial questions that help us select the right kite for the occasion.

Navigating through water conditions

In addition to wind, evaluating water conditions is essential. Will the wind direction take you back to shore or pull you further out to sea? Remember, safety comes first. Prefer spots with onshore or sideshore winds for a more controlled experience.

Choosing the right kite

Once you have a clear idea of the wind and water conditions, it’s time to select the right kite. Bow, delta, or C? This is where your knowledge of different kite types and their behaviors in varying wind conditions comes into play.

What do kite sizes depend on?

The choice of kite size depends on two main factors: your weight and wind speed. For example, if you weigh around 70 kilograms and the wind is blowing at 14 knots, a 12-meter kite could be ideal. However, if the wind reaches 20 knots, you may want to opt for a smaller kite, around 8 meters.

We provide you with this table with some wind references, weight, and kite size. (Please note that kite sizes are approximate).


Professional advice: The final touch

Although online information and direct observation are valuable, nothing beats the expert advice from a specialized store. At places like Rebels Tarifa, you’ll find passionate professionals who will help you select the perfect kite for your needs and skills.

Ready to take off!

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to conquer the waves with confidence and style. So hoist your anchors, spread your wings, and enjoy the thrilling world of kitesurfing! And remember, the adventure begins where the beach ends.

Contact us today at Rebels Tarifa and embark on an exciting kitesurfing adventure!

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